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Code of Practice for Seabed Developers, published 1995 (PDF)

Code of Practice for Seabed Developers (second edition), published 1998 (PDF)

Consultation on Protection of RMS Titanic by DoT 2003 (PDF)

DEFRA Seas of change response 280203 (PDF)

DOE News release - Government response to Heritage at Sea, published 1990 (PDF)

Wreck Diving – Don’t get Scuttled, published 2000 (PDF)

EFRA select committee-verbal submission- 9 December 2003 (PDF)

Heritage at Sea - proposals for the better protection of archaeological sites underwater, published 1989 (PDF)

Heritage Law at Sea 2000 (PDF)

Heritage Law at Sea (PDF)

HeritageProtectionResponse-JNAPC-May07 (PDF)

HMS VictoryResponse-JNAPC-June 2010 (PDF)

ICZM Consultation - JNAPC response Sep06 (PDF)

JNAPAmnesty230101 (PDF)

JNAPC - Maritime Heritage and Historic Ships Select Committee 290105 (PDF)

JNAPC APPAG submission 150102 (PDF)

JNAPC CLG PPS response 291009 (PDF)

JNAPC CMS Response 160608 (PDF)

JNAPC Crown Estate consultation response 160610 (PDF)

JNAPC DCMS Draft Heritage Protection Bill-Response 260608 (PDF)

JNAPC DCMS PMHE Consultation-Response 290704 (PDF)

JNAPC Defra ALSF Consultation 040508 (PDF)

JNAPC Defra Marine Bill licensing response 220909 (PDF)

JNAPC Defra Marine Licences response Oct 2010 (PDF)

JNAPC Defra Marine Planning System response Oct 2010 (PDF)

JNAPC Defra Marine Policy Statement response Oct 2010 (PDF)

JNAPC Defra Marine Strategy Framework Directive response 210110 (PDF)

JNAPC EH Conservation Principles response 310306 (PDF)

JNAPC EUMarinePolicyResponse - June 2007 (PDF)

JNAPC Historic Scotland SHEP Response 310508 (PDF)

JNAPC Marine Bill Response (PDF)

JNAPC Marine Bill White Paper Response June 2007 (PDF)

JNAPC Marine Minerals Dredging Consultation - response August 2006 (PDF)

JNAPC Marine Works EIA - response March 2007 (PDF)

JNAPC NatHerBill-Standing Committe-090302 (PDF)

JNAPC National Marine Plan-response 131113 (PDF)

JNAPC NHPP response Feb 2011 (PDF)

JNAPC NI Marine Strategy Framework Directive response 210110 (PDF)

JNAPC response Call for Evidence on UK and EU Competence 120813 (PDF)

JNAPC response DCMS on English Heritage New Model - 070214 (PDF)

JNAPC response EH - NHPP April 2014 (PDF)

JNAPC response EH Human Remains from Wreck Sites 131213 (PDF)

JNAPC response Historic Scotland 140613 - respondent form (PDF)

JNAPC response Historic Scotland 140613 (PDF)

JNAPC response Local Gov Archaeology Services 140214 (PDF)

JNAPC response Marine Scotland 200612 (PDF)

JNAPC response MCZ Consultation 280313 (PDF)

JNAPC response MMO Consultation Fees and Charges-191113 (PDF)

JNAPC response Newport Ship Consultation 240114 (PDF)

JNAPC response Scotland - National Marine Plan-131113 (PDF)

JNAPC response Scotland - National Marine Plan-131113-respondent form (PDF)

JNAPC response Scotland - sectoral marine plans 13113 (PDF)

JNAPC response Scotland - sectoral marine plans 131113-respondent form (PDF)

JNAPC response Slipping through the Net-Maritime Archives- 200407 (PDF)

JNAPC response to consultation on draft HE Guidance for Ports and Harbours 260614 (PDF)

JNAPC response to consultation on Marine Strategy Framework Directive 180612-RAY (PDF)

JNAPC response to consultation on National Historic Fleet 060714 (PDF)

JNAPC response to fishing consultation EH6204-141013 (PDF)

JNAPC response to HE Guidance foe Wave and Tidal Energy 150313 (PDF)

JNAPC response to Heritage 2020 consultation-050115 (PDF)

JNAPC response to Historic England Action Plan 2015-2018 (PDF)

JNAPC response to Marine Licensing - Navigational dredging and other exemptions 221012 (PDF)

JNAPC response to MMO Triennial Review 111013 (PDF)

JNAPC response to Welsh Government HE Policy 280612 (PDF)

JNAPC response to Welsh Govt 140414 (PDF)

JNAPC response to Welsh Heritage Bill 111013 (PDF)

JNAPCMODConsult120501 (PDF)

JNAPC-ResponseHERconsultation-October2003 (PDF)

JNAPC-ReviewHeritageProtection311003 (PDF)

JNAPC-ShipsForNationResponse311003 (PDF)

English Heritage Marine Archaeology Legislation Project (MALP), published c 2004/5 (PDF)

MDU Disposal of Wreck - ROW and SAA by MCA 2000 (PDF)

PMRA 1986 - Consultation Report by MoD 2001 (PDF)

RCHME newsletter 15, Spring 1995 featuring the launch of the Code of Practice, published 1995 (PDF)

Still at Sea - a review of progress since the launch of the Joint Nautical Archaeology Policy Committee's document Heritage at Sea in May 1989, published 1993 (PDF)

Titanic agreement (PDF)

Underwater Finds – Guidance for Divers, published 1998 (PDF)

Underwater Finds – What to do, published 1998 (PDF)

Protection of Underwater Cultural Heritage in International Waters adjacent to the UK: Proceedings of the JNAPC 21st Anniversary Seminar, Burlington House, November 2010 (PDF)

Interim report on the Valetta Convention and Heritage Law at Sea, published 2003 (PDF)

Burlington Declaration, published 2005 (PDF)

UNESCO Convention for the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage - the proceedings of the Burlington House Seminar, published 2006 (PDF)

CMS Select Committee - JNAPC Submission - January 2006 (PDF)

Seafish Report CR643. Underwater Cultural Heritage, An Assessment of Risks from Commercial Fishing, PH MacMullen, published January 2011

Comments on Odyssey Paper 4 - Deep-Sea Fishing Impacts on the Shipwrecks of the English Channel and Western Approaches, published 2009

Code of Practice for Sea Bed Development, published c 2008

JNAPC Scheduling paper, published 2016

Non JNAPC publications

BA-HFF 2001 Convention Briefing Note March 2014 (PDF)

Protection_and_Management_of_Historic_Military_Wrecks_outside_UK_Territorial_Waters__April_2014 (PDF)

UNESCO Impact Review February 2014 (PDF)